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School of Mathematical Sciences

Mr Gabriele Di Bona


Postgraduate Research Student

Room Number: Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB-402
Twitter: @gabridibo


Research Keywords: Complex Networks, Innovation and exploration dynamics, Social networks, Big data.

Research supervisors: Vito Latora, Lucas Lacasa, Vittorio Loreto.

Project Title: "The impact of social interactions on exploration and innovation processes".

Gabriele's current research interests cover several aspects of complex networks, with a special focus on innovation dynamics and its applications. His Ph.D. project aims to unveal the mechanisms that govern the exploration of conceptual spaces within the new "adjacent possible" framework and understand how social interactions affect this process. This project will be carried out both by getting and analysing big data of many social networks and developing new agent based models.

He is also working on other projects, mainly regarding the introduction of higher-order interactions in innovation models, some applications of the urn model with triggering, as well as a new algorithm applied to the gene regulatory network of cancer cells with Prof. S. Bicciato's group. He is also working on a data-driven review of decentralization with Dr. A. Barronchelli and Dr. N. Perra, as well as a joint project with Dr. C. Luft and Dr. I. Zioga about hyperbrain syncronization in eye contact tasks.

Before joining Queen Mary, Gabriele studied applied mathematics at the University of Catania, Italy (both BSc and MSc). 

He was also a student of the "Scuola Superiore di Catania", a public institution that provides university students with advanced additional courses. During the Master, he did an internship in the Creativity team at Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Paris under the supervision of Vittorio Loreto. 

(Last update on 25-Jan-2021.)


AY 2020/2021 - Semester 2

TA - MTH4115/MTH4215 - Vectors and Matrices - @QMUL

TA - MTH4116/MTH4216 - Probability and Statistics I - @QMUL

TA - MTH6142 - Complex Networks - @QMUL

AY 2020/2021 - Semester 1

TA - MTH4100 - Calculus I - @QMUL.

TA - MTH4107 - Introduction to Probability - @QMUL

TA - MTH6141 - Random Processes - @QMUL

AY 2019/2020 - Semester 2

Demonstrator - MTH5125 - Actuarial Mathematics II - @QMUL.

Demonstrator - MTH5126 - Statistics for Insurance - @QMUL.



Gabriele Di Bona, and Andrea Giacobbe. "A Simple Theoretical Model for Lags and Asymmetries of Surface Temperature." Climate 9.5 (2021): 78.

Iacopo Iacopini, Gabriele Di Bona, Enrico Ubaldi, Vittorio Loreto, and Vito Latora. "Interacting discovery processes on complex networks." Physical Review Letters 125, no. 24 (2020): 248301.
For reference, check also the Nature research highlight about our article.

Public Engagement

Conference talks

  • CompleNet Live 2021 (24th May 2021, Online): "Interacting discovery processes on complex networks" (15min).
  • NetSci 2020 (24th September 2020, Rome Online): "Explain collective discovery processes via the adjacent possible exploration" (15min).

Other talks