School of Mathematical Sciences

Diego Carranza Ortiz

Diego Carranza

Postgraduate Research Student

Room Number: Queens’ Building, Room: W317


Diego is a 3rd year PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Juan A. Valiente Kroon and part of the Geometry and Analysis group at Queen Mary University of London. Previously, he completed his undergraduate studies in Physics at UNAM (Mexico) and obtained a masters degree in Astrophysics at the same university.

His research focuses on the mathematical aspects of the General Theory of Relativity under conformal methods. Currently, he is carrying out investigations about the construction of anti-de Sitter-like spacetimes with a trace-free matter component as well as studying the Killing Initial-Boundary Data problem for said class of spacetimes.


QMUL Undergraduate Mathematics Course

  • Sem 2, 2015-2016: Essential Mathematical Skills (Demonstrator)
  • Sem 1, 2016-2017: Calculus I (Tutorial)
  • Sem 2, 2016-2017: Discrete Mathematics (Demonstrator) 
  • Sem 1, 2017-2018: Calculus I (Tutorial)  
  • Sem 2, 2017-2018: Calculus II (Tutorial)

QMUL Science and Engineering Foundation programme

  • Sem 1, 2016-2017: Mathematics I (Tutorial)
  • Sem 2, 2016-2017: Mathematics II (Tutorial) 
  • Sem 1, 2017-2018: Mathematics I (Tutorial)  



Research Interests:

Mathematical Relativity, conformal Methods, stability of adS spacetime, global properties and symmetries of spacetimes, cosmology