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Mr Gabriele Beltramo


Postgraduate Research Student

Room Number: Queens’ Building, Room: W313


Gabriele is a PhD student at Queen Mary University of London. He joined the Geometry and Analysis Research Group in May 2017 under the supervision of Prof. M. Farber.

Gabriele research interests lie in the field of applied algebraic topology, and with a particular focus on persistent homology. This is a recently developed method that has been proved useful to characterize multi-scale and high dimensional data.

The procedure usually involves the mapping of some input point data into a filtered abstract simplicial complex, which is then mapped to a persistence diagram. These so called diagrams are multisets of points in the extended plane encoding topological and metric information of the point data from which they are built from. Moreover, they have been proved to be stable with respect to small perturbations in the input data.

Gabriele's aim is to study the space of persistence diagrams and its stability properties. His primary goal is to introduce new definitions of distances of this space (considering persistence as a weight) for which we can show some stability property similar to the one of the Bottleneck distance. He also intends to compare the behavior of different distances with respect to outliers present in the input point data.

Furthermore, Gabriele is participating to the GTG Study Group where persistent homology will hopefully proved useful for the study of cancer genomic data.



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