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MSc Network Science

MSc Network Science is no longer open for applications. Instead, we have introduced a new MSc in Data Analytics from September 2019 entry onwards. Please contact if you have any queries about these programme changes.

Network Science is a very active and rapidly evolving research field with high societal impact, which stands at the crossroads of graph theory, complexity and data analysis. The goal of network science is to develop tools to analyse Big Data of interacting complex networks and to propose numerical and analytical frameworks to predict their behaviour.

Since in these decades we are witnessing an exponential growth of data concerning communications networks and global infrastructures, the financial system, on-line social networks and biological networks, Network Science stands as a new discipline to cope with some of the most challenging endeavours we face today, in an ever increasingly more connected society.

Its impact and applications outside academia pervades technological sectors, finance, marketing and IT, public health and network biology, to cite a few.

This specialist masters programme aims at providing graduate students and professionals with a rigorous training in the underlying mathematical concepts, the analysis and modelling of complex networks and networked systems, complemented with training in computing, numerical simulations and massive data analysis. It is aimed towards students with a mathematical background who wish to enter a career involving analysis and optimisation of diverse kinds of networks, networked dynamics and models.

Harvie Kwan ChiuStudent profile

Harvie Kwan Chiu (MSc Network Science graduate, 2016)

"This programme allows you to focus on the underlying mathematical concepts, analysis, and modelling of complex networks but also to gain important transferable skills in computing and data analysis; I highly recommend it."