School of Mathematical Sciences

MSc Financial Mathematics and Machine Learning

Learn to apply a wide range of mathematical and statistical techniques to model the behaviour of the financial markets. The MSc in Financial Mathematics and Machine Learning is for you if you are planning a career in the more quantitative areas of banking and financial markets, or if you hope to undertake academic research in financial mathematics.

Why study with us?

  • Ideal for students with a good undergraduate degree in mathematics or a subject with significant mathematics content. No prior knowledge of finance is expected
  • Learn from staff with considerable commercial experience in investment banking and financial markets
  • Undertake two modules on machine learning, a field that has become immensely important over the last few years (in finance, and beyond)
  • Attend practitioner seminars and network with experts from banking and finance 

What you'll study

You will gain a clear understanding of modern financial mathematics and machine learning, together with a range of numerical and computational techniques (many state-of-the-art) that form an important part of the toolkit of a typical practitioner.

The programme structure is flexible, so you can choose to focus on computational or mathematical modules, depending on your background, interests and future plans.

You will receive a comprehensive introduction to the field, including the structure of financial instruments and the operations of the markets, foundations of mathematical modelling in finance, tools for machine learning using Python, and introductory computer programming in C++.

You will go on to explore subjects such as pricing complex financial derivatives using a variety of mathematical models and techniques for managing risk, as well as advanced computational finance, including writing programs to price exotic derivatives using stochastic volatility and jump-diffusion models. 

You can also broaden your skills with unassessed courses onLaTeX (for document preparation), as well as extra-curricular workshops on programming in Excel/VBA and "modern" C++.

We offer all students the opportunity to take useful additional qualifications, including Microsoft Office Specialist, as well as qualifications in Excel and Bloomberg Market Concepts