School of Mathematical Sciences

The Eileen Colyer Prize

This is a prize of up to 1000 pounds for a research student in the School of Mathematical Sciences to study at another institution for an extended period with an expert in his or her area. Until 2011 it was primarily funded by a gift from Professor Alan Camina of the University of East Anglia, who has very long-standing family ties with Mathematics at QMUL. His mother-in-law, Eileen Eliza Colyer, studied at Queen Mary, and both Alan Camina himself and his daughter Rachel took their PhDs in Mathematics here. In 2012 and 2014 the prize could be awarded thanks to generous donations from staff members at our School who preferred to remain anonymous. Previous recipients of the prize are:

  • 2006: Elliot Costi
  • 2007: Kotub Uddin
  • 2008: [no award made]
  • 2009: Andy Drizen
  • 2010: Jonit Fischmann
  • 2011: Joe Elliston and Heather Reeve-Black (split prize)
  • 2012: Liron Speyer and Rodrigo Villavicencio Sanchez (two awards thanks to anonymous sponsoring)
  • 2013: [no award made]
  • 2014: Katharine Clinch and Trevor Pinto (two awards thanks to anonymous sponsoring)
  • 2015: Amanda Cameron and Edgar Gasperin Garcia
  • 2016: Imen Belmokhtar and Jarrod Williams
  • 2017: Ayon Mukherjee and Benjamin Smith

Applications are invited in Autumn each year. They should be at most one A4 page in length and should contain:

  1. Name and institution of your proposed host.
  2. Approximate period and dates of proposed visit.
  3. Brief description of the problem or subject area to be studied during your proposed visit.
  4. Why you think a visit to the proposed host would be of particular benefit at this point in your research.
  5. Estimated budget (fare/accommodation/subsistence).

The period of the visit is generally expected to be at least two weeks and could be much longer (depending on costs for fare, accommodation and subsistence, and whether there is any contribution to these from other sources), but there are no absolute rules: all proposals will be considered.

Applications should be submitted as pdf-files by e-mail to the Postgraduate Research Programmes Officer. The deadline for submitting applications this year is Friday 18th January 2019. Applications are considered by a panel consisting of the Director of Research, the Director of Postgraduate Research Studies and the Deputy Director of PGR Studies. The decision is announced within two weeks following the deadline.