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Key dates

Below is an overview of the structure of a full-time PhD programme. We have highlighted the points in the year at which key activities and assessments take place across the four years of study.

For part-time students and those who start their programme at a time other than September, review dates will be altered accordingly (part-time students are expected to submit within seven years and to attempt first-year progression within 12–18 months from registration).

IMPORTANT: You are expected to submit your PhD thesis strictly 3 years 364 days after your registration. You can find details of your registration date on MySIS, but please contact Katie Hale if you are uncertain:

Information regarding assessments and activities can be found in the Guide for PG Research Students and their Supervisors. [PDF 727KB]

If you are confused about what forms you need, please check the Research Degrees Office Form Store, or contact Katie Hale at

September School of Mathematical Sciences Research Student Induction; 
Enrolment for research programmes; 
Register for LTCC/ QMUL MSc modules
October Queen Mary Postgraduate Research Induction (hosted by the CAPD)
April LTCC module examinations
May First-year review
May/June Examinations for taught courses
September Re-enrolment
April Present poster at Postgraduate Research Day
September Second year review

Transfer to writing-up status can take place from now onwards (for further information please see Assessment & Progression 'Transfer to writing–up status').

September Re-enrolment
April Research talk for Postgraduate Research Day
September Third year review: timetable for completion agreed; transfer to writing up-status submitted
September Re-enrolment
March Reviews will take place every 6 months until you have transferred to writing-up status
Three months prior to Thesis submission You must submit a PhD examination entry form
Upon submission of your thesis You must submit a Research Degree Thesis Submission Form
Preparing for your viva Thesis submission should be at least one month before any date set for the oral examination (viva). (For further information see the 'MPhil/ PhD Examination Entry' section on the Assessment & Progression page.)

Please note that the annual reviews may be held any time from the start of July onwards by agreement between you, your supervisor and your appointed assessors. If you exceed this 4-year deadline, the Queen Mary Research Degrees Office may deregister you any time after the deadline. If there are any extenuating circumstances that prevented you from finishing in time you should request an extension of your submission deadline from the Research Degrees Office. The appropriate form is available on the Research Degrees Office website.

Key Queen Mary dates are available on the Queen Mary calendar.