School of Mathematical Sciences


Below are links to a variety of forms (and guidance on how to complete them where applicable) you will encounter and be required to complete during your PhD studies.

Absence, Payment for Teaching and Marking

Thesis Submission and Examination Entry

Please visit the Research Degrees Office website(link is external) to download the Thesis Submission  and Exam Entry forms and guidance. Please note that the exam entry process will be moving to MySIS during the 2017-18 academic year. 

Queen Mary Enrolment Status

If you require information, forms and guidance for the following circumstances please visit the Research Degrees Office website(link is external): Mode of Study Transfer; Transfer to Writing Up Status; Extension of Thesis Submission Deadline; Interruption of Studies; Withdrawal.


If you are the recipient of a studentship you will find information and forms relating to studentships, such as the Change of Details form, on the Research Degrees Office website(link is external).

It is very important that you notify both your supervisor and the Postgraduate Research Programmes Officer if you wish to apply for an interruption of studies or if your circumstances change and you need to withdraw from the programme. It is also vital that you keep us up to date with your academic progress (e.g. when you have submitted your thesis!), so that we can ensure that your records are correct and remind you of any deadlines that may apply.