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We offer a selection of interactive and engaging activities aimed at encouraging more students to take mathematics at A Level and at degree level. Our main audiences are GCSE and A Level students and teachers of mathematics. We also work with a range of partners on different activities, including the Advanced Maths Support Programme and the Royal Institution.

You can find more information on the types of outreach activities and events we offer on this page or alternatively, you can download our Outreach activities brochure for an overview of our activities:

Maths Outreach activities 2018-2019 [PDF 998KB]

If you're a Maths Teacher or HE Co-ordinator and would like to discuss opportunities for us to work with your GCSE and A Level students, please contact the Maths Outreach Team by emailing

If you are a prospective student and would like to find information on our courses and admissions, please visit our undergraduate section. Details on career opportunities for mathematical science graduates can be found in our dedicated careers section and in our booklet: Where the Maths You Learn is Used