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School of Mathematical Sciences

Our student success stories - Meet Raghad Zuraiki

Due to the current situation, graduation ceremonies have been postponed but we still managed to speak to some of the students who are expecting to graduate this year. Raghad Zuraiki, BSc Mathematics Class of 2020, shared her heartfelt and inspiring journey with us: from her time in Syria to her arrival in the UK, as well as her brilliant academic record in maths which, against all odds, led her to become the woman she is today. 


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My name is Raghad Zuraiki and I arrived in England in early 2014 from Syria. Not only was I entering a new country with very limited English but I had also missed a year of education due to the Syrian war. Fast forward six years, I am now fluent in the English language and have progressed to become a confident woman with a record of academic excellence in mathematics and a strong motivation to specialise in Computer Science in the future. Alongside my studies, I have also taken many responsibilities at Queen Mary including Course Representative, President of Queen Mary's Arab Society, Maths Ambassador and Queen Mary's Buddy Scheme Mentor. I don't really have anything confirmed for the future at the moment as the virus has impacted my plans but I am still very proud of how far I have come. There were times back in Syria when I thought I would not even be alive the next day; there were countless times when I couldn't even have a very basic conversation with my classmates when I first arrived in the UK. The idea of continuing my education back then was very impossible.

Raghad Zuraiki, BSc Mathematics (2020)