School of Mathematical Sciences

Physics Challenges for Machine Learning and Network Science Workshop

3-4 September 2019, Queen Mary University of London

The last decades have witnessed a surge of activity in network science and machine learning and an unprecedented success in understanding and extracting information from big data. 

In Physics Challenges for Machine Learning and Network Science we will explore the interface between Physics, Machine Learning and Network Science.

We'll examine urgent questions including:

  • What is the most efficient network architecture for a quantum computer, and which are the key structural universalities?
  • How can a quantum network interact with a classical network?
  • To what extent can machine learning methodology be a resource for quantum computation, and vice-versa?
  • Can network theory be used to boost the network architecture of machinelearning tools?
  • Can quantum statistical physics bring a better understanding as to how heuristic machine learning approaches work?

The workshop will take place over two days and aims to bring together researchers in the above fields to further explore the fertile grounds for collaboration and cross-fertilization, and address the big questions in the field.

This event is funded by NetworkPlus of the EPSRC Grand Challenge in Emergence and Physics Far From Equilibrium, the Institute of Applied Data Science and Jphys Complexity (IOP).


This event will be held in the Arts Two Lecture Theatre, Queen Mary University of London (Mile End Campus).

For directions please see our Queen Mary Campus map here - the Arts Two building is number 35 on the map.

Invited speakers

Adrian Bevan (Queen Mary University of London, UK)
Jacob Biamonte (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russia)
Lincoln Carr (Colorado School of Mines, USA)
Sergey Dorogovstev (Aveiro University, Portugal)
Andrew Green (UCL, UK)
Konstantin Klemm (IFISC, Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
Renaud Lambiotte (Oxford University, UK)
Rosario Mantegna (Palermo University Italy and UCL, UK)
Matteo Marsili (ICTP, Italy)
Roger Melko (Perimeter Institute, Canada) 
Valentina Parigi (University of Paris V, France)
Jyrki Piilo (Turku University, Finland)
Eram Rivzi (Queen Mary University of London)
David Saad (Aston University, UK)
Riccardo Zecchina (Bocconi University, Italy) 
Pan Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)


Registration and abstract submission

This event is free but please register your participation by 20th August via our Eventbrite page here.

If you are a member of the NetworkPlus Emergence and Physics Far From Equilibrium you are eligible for funding to participate to the workshop.

If you would like to request NetworkPlus funding or would like to submit an abstract for a contributed talk please send an email to

Key dates

20th July 2019: Deadline for requesting NetworkPlus accomodation and deadline for submission of abstracts for contributed talks

20th August 2019: Registration closes