Queen Mary in Malta

Community and Business Engagement

Community Engagement 

At one with the local community

Queen Mary University of London’s engagement with the public goes back to its very roots. In Malta too, we remain committed to being an institution connected to the local community. We strive to create an environment where the university and the general public can be partners for mutual growth.


Café Scientifique


QMUL Malta hosts Café Scientifique, a monthly forum for conversation about the latest debates and developments in science and technology. For updates on upcoming Cafe Scientifique events, visit our Meet Up page.

Due to the current COVID19 restrictions, we are holding our Café Scientifique events online. These sessions are recorded and available on demand:


Our Secretive Neighbours: Seabirds of the Maltese Archipelago.

Do you know that you are sharing this tiny island with thousands of seabirds, namely the Yelkouan Shearwater, Scopoli's Shearwater and Mediterranean Storm-petrel? They might be out of sight during the day, but at night their eerie sounds fill in the air around the cliff-side of Maltese Islands! These seabirds spend most of their time at sea and only approach the land at night to care for their eggs and chicks. Despite their out-of-human-sight lives, they are not out of human's harm. Seabirds are one of the most threatened group of birds globally and Maltese seabirds are not an exception. Join us on May 27th to learn more about your secretive neighbours, discover more about their lives, hear what BirdLife Malta has been doing to provide them with a safe home and what YOU can do to help these species.





Science in the Citadel

Science in the Citadel is a one-day science celebration, held within the ancient walls of Cittadella in Victoria. The event aims at providing a fun and stimulating experience for visitors of all ages to bring science to the fore and promotes the research, creativity and innovation taking place on the Maltese islands. QMUL Malta actively participates in its organisation, with both staff and students managing activities on the day.


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