Queen Mary in Malta

Foundation courses

Joining a Foundation Programme

Foundation and pre-masters courses offer an alternative route onto our Malta MBBS programme.

QMUL International Foundation Year - Medicine 

Queen Mary University of London's Medical School offers a 1-year International Foundation Year in Medicine, formally CCFS. This Foundation Programme provides a basic introduction to Clinical Medicine and Dentistry as well as Biology, Maths, Physics and Chemistry tuition equivalent to A-levels, for those who do not already have A-level equivalents. Upon successful completion, students will be able to graduate with a Foundation Certificate (FDCert). Progression onto the MBBS Malta course will be possible for those who earn at least 120 credits and meet our other progression requirements. Full entry requirements can be found here

David Game College - Medical and Life Sciences Programme 

This specialist course has been designed to boost your examination grades, deepen your knowledge of various clinical specialities, re-enforce A-Level knowledge and serves as evidence to demonstrate your interest in pursuing medical and scientific careers. Full details can be found here.


CATS run international sixth form colleges from their centres in London, Canterbury and Cambridge, offering both their University Foundation Programme (UFP) and A levels. Full details can be found here.

NCUK International Foundation Year

The NCUK Medicine Pathway fully prepares students to progress to study medicine at university. The course provides a 9-month fast track course designed for highly motivated international students wanting to progress to study Medicine at university. Full details can be found here

Bellerbys Science and Pharmacy Foundation Year

The Bellerbys Science and Pharmacy foundation is an option for those who want to study medicine, biomedical sciences, chemistry or pharmacy. Full details can be found here

INTO - International Foundation in Science and Engineering



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