Queen Mary in Malta

Coronavirus update

Maltese PM Robert Abela visits Queen Mary’s campus

Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela visits Queen Mary’s campus in Gozo as it supports the fight against coronavirus

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Queen Mary University of London, Malta campus is locally supporting the effort to fight against coronavirus in Malta and Gozo.

Steward Malta is integrating the Malta campus into their COVID-19 preparation at Gozo Hospital. The full news story details that the Medical School is now being used for all outpatient consultations, as well as, the use of the clinical skills areas for chemotherapy services.   

With more than 20,000 tests having been made for the Covid-19 virus, Malta still has the third-highest testing rate for the virus in the world. Published research has confirmed that Malta just places behind Iceland and Luxembourg in the number of tests being made to ensure that positive patients are immediately isolated in order to reduce the spread of the virus. It is only through this manner that local transmission is prevented from accelearting. On average, in Malta one person in 39 has been tested. The health authorities set up 4 test centres while robotic apparatus was bought in order to process up to 800 tests a day. Department of Information, Malta

The lastest number of cases in Malta:

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