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Queen Mary offers a range of scholarships and bursaries for UK, EU and international students wanting to study either at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

There are no bursaries and scholarships that are earmarked specifically for the Life Sciences Initiative, but students can apply for those that are offered by the university’s schools for the courses that are come under the Life Sciences umbrella.

Further details of fees, funding, bursaries and scholarships:

Case studies

Myfanwy-Cerys Williams

Myfanwy-Cerys Williams received an annual bursary of £1,200 from Queen Mary and a Science and Engineering Excellence Scholarship worth £3,000 in the first year of her Biomedical Sciences degree at the university.

"Receiving the scholarship was a huge confidence booster for me as it showed me, before I'd even come to Queen Mary, that the university had confidence in my capabilities. Financially, the money was very useful as it meant I could worry less about budgeting and focus more on my studies. It also meant I was able to stay in London over the summer, which gave me the option to get a job. I now have a job at the Science Museum as a part-time explainer, which I would never have been able to achieve without the financial stability my bursary and scholarship awarded me.

I chose to come to Queen Mary as the facilities for my preferred course were perfect. My course covered the content I was interested in and also other subjects which I hadn't previously considered. Queen Mary is also perfectly situated, close enough to the centre of London so that there are many opportunities available to me that wouldn't normally be outside of London, such as work experience, yet far enough from the centre that not everything is extortionately expensive."

Leyla Noury

Leyla Noury received £3,000 from the National Scholarship Programme in her first year; this is an award made to first year students  who achieved a certain number of UCAS points in their pre-university studies. They receive this instead of the Queen Mary bursary in their first year, then in subsequent years they receive the Queen Mary bursary; in Leyla’s case this was £1,500. She also received £3,000 from the Science and Engineering Excellence Scholarship in the first year of her studies and, again, in her second year because she had gained first-class results in her end-of-year exams in the first year of her Biomedical Sciences course.

"These awards made a huge difference to my life. It meant that I did not have to worry about money spent towards transport, books and study equipment and resources. This left me to concentrate fully on my studies without worrying about my finances.

I chose Biomedical Sciences because the degree covered specific aspects of biology and chemistry relating to the human body, which I find really interesting. I chose Queen Mary because I live close by, but also because the atmosphere at Queen Mary is unique in that it encourages you to be yourself and you're part of a community - whether that be in your course, in your faculty or in the whole university. After I complete my degree, I am hoping to go into healthcare and apply the knowledge I gained throughout my time here."

Rajeev Karattil

Rajeev Karattil received £3,000 from the National Scholarship Programme for the first year of his BSc Biochemistry course and, thereafter, the annual Queen Mary bursary of £1,500.

"I am really proud to be doing my course at Queen Mary as they really support their students both academically and financially. The bursary and scholarship helped me with buying all the essential books I needed for my course. Not just books, but also anything that is important for my studies, in addition to helping me with living costs.

I have always had immense interest in chemistry and biology and that was my main motive when applying for the BSc in Biochemistry. I chose Queen Mary because of its great reputation and teaching facilities. When I started my course in 2012, I realised I was not wrong about that, as the teaching is extraordinary and the staff are very friendly.

I hope to do masters after I graduate, although I have not fully made up my mind yet."

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