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Developing privacy-preserving and ethical tools and techniques to public and individual health analytics

Developing privacy-preserving personal data analytics and interaction using the human data interaction framework

Project summary

The research is in the general area of Personal Data & Human-Data Interaction. In this project, we aim to prototype the Databox as a tool for aggregating and regulating the data ecosystem by democratising access to data, such that individuals, aggregators, and service providers can utilise it with users’ informed consent (e.g., in the context of health monitoring). Datbox will be deployed as a personal, networked service that collates personal data and can be used to make those data available.

We will specifically build on our existing capabilities and ongoing research on mechanisms and standards for data storage, indexing, and selective query and release capability, with privacy embedded by design. We will use data from a number of existing sources (such as Online Social Networks, Google and Amazon profiles, wearable devices with API, smartphone apps) and evaluate the Databox using an exemplar (health) application.

Normative foundations of privacy-preserving practices in the internet of things

Project summary

Cansu Caglar

Technology is developing at an exponential rate and regulations cannot keep up with the pace of these new developments, therefore they cannot be applied under certain circumstances. In this respect, it is important to consider what is coming next beforehand in order to avoid inapplicable legislations.

Regulations should be drafted in a sense that they can be applied and implemented to the evolving features of the Internet of Things today and in the future. Under these circumstances, establishing principles that can be implemented to rapidly changing technology is of great importance. The project ‘Normative Foundations of Privacy-Preserving Practices in the Internet of Things’ focuses on the challenges and consequences of the Internet of Things. The project analyses the impact of the technology on ethics and regulatory framework in order to establish privacy-preserving principles and practices in accordance with the main reason that drives data protection while promoting the development of technology.

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