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Centre for Computational Biology

The Centre for Computational Biology is new and has arisen partly from initiatives funded from our first ISSF grant. It is led from Barts Cancer Institute (Chelala) and School of Chemical and Biological Sciences (Bessant) and its aim is to bring together QMUL’s diverse computational biology activities into a focused cross-Faculty endeavour. As well as helping these groups and individuals interact, a key aim of the Centre is to connect them to sources of clinical data, computational resources, and external organisations to which QMUL has strong links, such as Barts Health Trust, the Farr Institute and Genomics England. The Centre is founded on the belief that it is only through these multidisciplinary networks that current challenges in biomedical research can be addressed. The following graphic indicates the areas of members of the Centre and the relevant data sources and computing resources (initials refer to Schools of QMUL). 


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