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Involving members of the public and patients in the research of the Life Sciences Institute (LSI) will be an essential approach of the Institute. Participation will be possible in many ways, and the public will be able to engage in all aspects.

Opportunities will develop as we grow, and you can get involved in the LSI in a number of ways:

Attend public engagement events, exhibitions and talks

Sign up to the Centre for Public Engagement mailing list to be kept up to date with engagement activities. Take a look at our current engagement activities, and check out Centre of the Cell.

Participate in clinical trials and research studies

A fundamental aspect of modern medicine is the use of large sample sizes to test new treatments and uncover things about the human body that we didn’t know before. Whitechapel residents will be able to get involved in lots of different types of research; anything from giving blood to longer-term studies.

Get involved in lay steering groups for research

Help our researchers shape the way they do their research, refine their questions and resolve any ethical concerns. There are several patient advisory groups at QMUL, including the Patient and Public Advisory Group at the William Harvey Research Institute, an advisory group for multiple sclerosis research, and groups addressing sexual health issues. Opportunities to join these groups will be advertised by individual research units. The LSI will have elements of co-creation at the initial research stage, and community views will be sought.

Shape the LSI itself

As we develop and plan for the LSI, engaging with the local community will be essential. We will be consulting as we progress – watch this space!

For more information or to register your interest in getting involved in our activities, you can contact our Life Sciences Community Engagement Officer at

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