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Centre for Mind in Society – early career researcher grants for public events

The Centre for Mind in Society has an exciting opportunity for early career researchers to apply for up to £1,500 of funding to run creative and engaging public events, public debates, or workshops

22 January 2019

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The vision of the MIS centre is that Human lives are lived in social contexts and that:

1) all people are social beings and their minds are intrinsically linked to the social world around them

2) there is a complex interdependence between mind and society.

The aims of the MIS centre: The Centre aims to generate a better understanding of the mutual influences between mind and society, and to develop ways of working with communities to improve the psychological experience of individuals. This includes, but is not limited to, initiatives to reduce mental distress.

The theme of the public event should take into account the vision and aims of the MIS, and should address at least one of the following:

    1. how individuals reason about the social and cultural world around them, how they conceive of their own identities and how they make decisions about that world;
    2. how they interact and communicate with others, both within and outside of their communities;
    3. how they express their creativity and appreciate the creativity of others;
    4. how their own mental lives develop and change in response to the challenges they face.

It is important that the events prioritise reaching a wide and multidisciplinary audience, share cutting edge research and stimulate further interest and dialogue in how individual human beings and the modern social world interact. Co-produced events with patients, carers and members of the public are strongly encouraged.

The successful applicants will have full access to support from the Life Sciences Institute and Centre for Public Engagement.

The scheme will fund:

  • Applications from PhD students and postdoctoral research staff on fixed term contracts
  • Applications can be from individuals or groups with no more than 6 applicants (unless prior consent is requested)
  • Applications which have a mutual benefit- with benefits to you, your research and the audiences and individuals engaged.
  • Catering costs will only be funded where it is shown that these are integral to the event, with evidence of a sound methodology or critical thinking behind the request. Where catering is funded this must be carried out within QMUL’s hospitality guidelines.

The scheme is unable to fund:

  • Conference attendance or similar
  • Activity that goes beyond 31st July 2019 and funds must be spent by this date

The application is a 2-page document, in which you will be required to:

  1. briefly write a proposal outline for what the planned event will be
  2. the aims
  3. the type of audience it will engage
  4. what innovative/creative approaches will be taken to engage the audience
  5. how this links to the vision and aims of the MIS
  6. a break down of the budget and resources requested

Applications will be assessed according to criteria of: the fit with the MIS vision and aims, innovation in audience engagement, audience reach and whether the proposal is achievable within the timeframe and resources available.

Successful applicants will be asked to provide copy and images of the event to go on the Centre for Mind in Society webpage.

For more information, please contact or to apply, please complete the form by clicking here

The deadline is Friday 22 February 2019 at 5pm, and successful candidates will be informed 2 weeks thereafter.



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