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LSI Institute of Bioengineering Update November 2017

Monday 13 November 2017

Current Research

Although the research areas for the Institute of Bioengineering (IoB) are broad, currently major efforts are being conducted in the following areas:

  • In vitro models to assess drug and medical device performance and safety.
  • Creating a Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) - (via an application to the EPSRC).

IoB and Trauma

With a specific focus in the area of technologies for trauma, the IoB has been able to acquire equipment with maintenance contracts that will enable work for both the CDT and Trauma-Engineering initiatives to move forward and continue to generate results that will be key to grant applications. On 6 October 2017, the IoB worked with Prof. Karim Brohi to conduct the first joint workshop with the Centre for Trauma Sciences, read more about the workshop here.

Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) 25 Year Celebration

As the all-important legacy of the IRC, the IoB helped organise the IRC 25th anniversary celebration which included national and international guests, providing an opportunity to showcase work and present the IoB as the evolution of QMUL’s IRC. The IRC pioneered innovation, development and testing of biomaterials and addressed the fundamentals of biological and clinical interfacing of materials.

Biomedical Engineering Association of IMechE

IoB Centre Lead Prof Alvaro Mata recently became a board member for the Biomedical Engineering Association of IMechE, which is opening doors to interact with Bioengineering leaders in the UK and the government, and shape the bioengineering landscape in the UK.
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