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‘Muscle and movement’: commemorating Professor Roger Woledge

22 April 2016

Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Venue: Arts Two Lecture Theatre, Mile End

Professor Roger Woledge (1938 – 2015) was at the forefront of research into muscle energetics from the 1960s to his death in 2015. To commemorate his life and remarkable achievements, a one-day conference will be held, which will gather people from the various backgrounds and disciplines who worked with Roger.

He was a brilliant researcher who inspired, mentored and educated many people. His warmth and generosity is reflected in the esteem with which he was held as a person as well as a scientist. His published works span 54 years and provide a direct link between the classical work on muscle thermodynamics, as epitomised by the work of A.V. Hill, Roger’s first research supervisor, and the modern era of muscle physiology, in which muscle energetics is firmly associated with the molecular events underlying contraction. In the 1970s Roger was in the vanguard of an amazingly vigorous period of research undertaken by several groups attempting to balance muscle biochemistry, the source of energy for contraction, with the energy produced by contracting muscles as heat and work. This work, like all his research, was characterised by careful but innovative experiments and precise, quantitative analysis.

The invited speakers will share the details of their work with an emphasis on Roger’s contributions. As well as reminiscing, the event will also provide time, space and opportunity for colleagues to build future collaboration on the topics that Roger was interested in. Photos of Roger will be on display; to share any images you have please send digital copies to:

Further information, including how to submit and abstract for poster presentation, and the link for registration go to:

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