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LEC/LCC joint meeting on Epigenetics and Metabolism

3 March 2017

Time: 2:00 - 6:00pm

The London Epigenomics Club and the London Chromatin Club join forces for the second time to bring you an afternoon of great science. We will have four talks from an excellent line up of invited speakers focusing on the interface between epigenetics and metabolism. We will also have six short talks from submitted abstracts on various exciting topics. After the talks (6pm) we will serve some food and drinks to keep the discussion going.

Invited speakers (themed talks)

Anne Ferguson-Smith (Univ. Cambridge)
Jorge Ferrer (Imperial College London)
Skirmantas Kriaucionis (Univ. Oxford)
Meritxell Huch (Gurdon Institute)

Short talks

Till Bartke (MRC LMS) - "Decoding Chromatin Modification States Using Chemical Biology and Proteomic Approaches"
Peter Sarkies (MRC LMS) - "The cost of silence: evolutionarily widespread off-target DNA alkylation damage associated with cytosine DNA methyltransferase activity"
Luisa Robbez-Masson (UCL) - "The HUSH complex and KAP1 converge to instate silent chromatin at retrotransposons"
Janna Hastings (Babraham Institute) - "Metabolic influences on ageing in C. elegans"
Isaia Barbieri (Gurdon Institute) - "Promoter-bound METTL3 maintains myeloid leukaemia by m6A-dependent translational control"
Nicholas Crump (Univ. Oxford) - "KAT6A(MOZ) / KAT6B(MORF) in mouse, and the homologue Enoki in Drosophila, acetylates Histone H3K23: analysis of stable and dynamic acetylation in hetero- and euchromatin"

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Supported by:
Centre for Genomic Health, LSI, QMUL
Active Motif
Cambridge Epigenetix

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