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IoB Seminar Series: Prof Francisco Goycoolea

24 January 2018 - 23 January 2018

Time: 3:00 - 4:00pm
Venue: David Sizer Lecture Theatre, Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus

Professor Francisco Goycoolea, University of Leeds, will be the next speaker in the Institute of Bioengineering Seminar Series with "Oil-core chitosan based nanocapsulesand their influence on 'life networks'"

Prof. Goycoolea writes: "Chitosan-based nanocapsules (d.~200nm; -potential~+60 mV) form by spontaneous emulsification and self assembly,under a phase separation-driven process. These “softmatter” systems are amenable to be loaded with lipophilic phytochemicals, namely capsaicin, cinnamaldehyde, curcumin, and flavonoids (namely quercetin and baicalein). Enhanced permeability, motility and cytoprotective effects, have all been evidenced on different mammalian cell lines forming epithelial monolayer networks. These nanocapsules are also taken up avidly by mammalian cells. In parallel, we have shown that the nanocapsules bind “stoichiometrically” to E.colibacteria and that the quorum sensing response is reduced. The potential application of these findings in functional food and pharmacy is to be fully realised."

Tea and coffee provided after the seminar

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