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IoB Seminar Series: Dr Deborah Mason

8 November 2017

Time: 3:00 - 4:00pm
Venue: David Sizer Lecture Theatre, Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus

Dr Deborah Mason, Cardiff University, will be the next speaker in the Institute of Bioengineering Seminar Series with “Repurposing glutamate receptor antagonists to prevent and treat osteoarthritis: A voyage of discovery using cell, animal and human models”.

Dr Mason writes: "My talk will describe how we have used animal (load-induced osteogenesis, antigeninduced arthritis,menisectomy, anterior cruciate ligament rupture), cell (mechanically-loaded 3 Dosteocyte  /osteoblast co-culture) and human models (high bialosteotomy, total knee replacement, focal cartilage defects) to understand the role of glutamate signaling in the skeleton, and how this has revealed a potential therapeutic opportunity for prevention / treatment of osteoarthritis. Challenges of interdisciplinary research and translation of basic science discoveries to the clinic will also be addressed."

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