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Drugs, Bugs, and Us: A multi-layered metabolic connection

6 March 2017

Time: 4:00 - 6:00pm
Venue: Clark-Kennedy Lecture Theatre Innovation Centre Whitechapel E1 2AT

Dr Felipe Cabreiro, from UCL, PhD, Sir Henry Dale Fellow and Lecturer in Metabolism and Metabolic diseases, will lead this fascinating afternoon lecture, focusing on his exciting discoveries demonstrating an important role of the gut microbiome in the effects of Metformin - the first line medication for type II diabetes.

3:45pm-4pm: Check in
4pm: Talk
5pm: Drinks Reception
6pm: Finish
More information to follow.

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About Dr Felipe Cabreiro

Dr Cabreiro is a Biochemist, who has worked on understanding the biological mechanisms underlying molecular stress protection and ageing. As a post-doctoral researcher funded by a Strategic Wellcome Trust award he undertook several projects to investigate different aspects of ageing, including the role of metabolism and antioxidant signaling. More recently he has pioneered the use of the model organism C. elegans to study drug-microbiota interactions and its effects on metabolism and ageing. This work has led onto developing a focus on host-microbiota interactions and metabolic disorders. Using a combination of high-throughput screening at the holobiont level, his new research as a Sir Henry Dale Fellow aims to gain insight into the gut microbial action of drugs in higher organisms and to develop strategies to target the microbiota to treat metabolic disease.

 About the Microbiome Initiative

The Microbiome Initiative has been established to provide an opportunity to bring together all those working on any aspects of the microbiome in health and disease across Barts Health Trust and QMUL. Our aim is to share best practice, facilitate collaboration, to grow our capacity in this area and to provide opportunities to hear about cutting edge research in this field from researchers outside of our organisations.

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