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Deciphering Function for Understanding Genomic Health

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Image credit: Valerie Arofin

29 June 2018

Time: 9:30am - 5:30pm
Venue: Derek Willoughby Lecture Theatre

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Genomics continues to revolutionise our understanding of biology and disease pathogenesis. This one-day meeting brings together international experts who will present cutting-edge genomics research that elucidates genome function, third generation sequencing methodologies, and its potential for improving human health.

This meeting is open to all and free to attend, and is jointly hosted by the Barts and the London Genome Centre, the Queen Mary University London (QMUL) Life Sciences Initiative (LSI) Centre for Genomic Health, and the QMUL Epigenetic Hub.


9.15: Welcome, Professor Vardhman Rakyan

Session 1. Chair Professor Vardhman Rakyan

  • 9.30: Professor Matt Loose (University of Nottingham)
    Inter- and trans-generational epigenetic memory
  • 10.00: Professor Ben Lehner (Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona) 
    Nanopore sequencing of complex genomes: a very very long story
  • 10.30: Professor Elizabeth Murchison (Cambridge Immunology Network, Cambridge University) 
    Genome analysis of transmissible cancers in dogs and Tasmanian devils

11.00: Coffee break

Session 2. Chair Dr Miguel Branco

  • 11.45: Ozgen Deniz (QMUL)
    Retrotransposons: a potential source of oncogenic enhancers in AML
  • 12.00: Professor Wendy Bickmore (University of Edinburgh) 
    Understanding the functional significance of non-coding sequence variation
  • 12.30: Professor Doug Higgs (Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford) 
    Switching Genes On and Off in Haematopoies

13.00: Lunch

Session 3. Chair Dr Chaz Mein

  • 14.15: Dr Chaz Mein (QMUL)
    QMUL Genome Centre
  • 14.45: Professor Chris Lord (The Institute of Cancer Research, London) 
    Exploiting synthetic lethality to target cancer 
  • 15.15: Professor Greg Hannon (Cancer Research Institute, Cambridge University) 
    Insights from studies of breast tumour heterogeneity

15.45: Coffee Break

Session 4. Chair Professor Patricia Munroe

  • 16.30: Doctor Hilary Martin (Wellcome Sanger Institute) 
    Investigating differences in genetic architecture between populations: Deciphering Developmental Disorders and East London Genes and Health
  • 17.00: Professor Hilma Holm (deCODE Genetics, Iceland) 
    High resolution genome-wide association study of electrocardiogram traits; beyond clinically used parameters

18.00: Drinks

Image credit: Valerie Arofin "The Neural Universe", Shortlisted Image Life Science Image Awards 2017.

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