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Cell polarisation guided by physical cues: from single cell to collective cell migration

20 January 2016

Time: 3:00 - 4:00pm
Venue: David Sizer LT, Bancroft Building, Mile End

Professor Benoit Ladoux, from the Institut Jacques Monod, France, will be giving a lecture on “Cell polarisation guided by physical cues: from single cell to collective cell migration”, as part of the Institute of Bioengineering seminar series.

Front-rear polarisation, characterised by the establishment of cell protrusive polarity and directed migration, is controlled by intrinsic cell properties but also by extracellular cues such as biochemical and physical cues. Professor Ladoux will focus on the impact of mechanical cues on the establishment and maintenance of front-rear polarisation from single cell to collective cell behaviours. Single cell polarisation that precedes cell migration depends on a large variety of mechanochemical signals that include external adhesive cues, substrate stiffness and topography as well as confinement. Polarisation mechanisms are not only single cell processes but concern also cell ensembles. In this context, coordinated polarisation of migrating tissues results from the application of traction forces on the extracellular matrix but also from the transmission of mechanical stress through intercellular junctions. In response, cells modulate the properties of their adhesive sites and their cytoskeletons through actin remodeling and microtubule distribution. Professor Ladoux will describe how these contribute to cell polarisation through local or large scale mechanisms.

Refreshments will be served after the seminar.

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