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Library Services


There are photocopiers in all the Libraries.

Photocopying is paid for using your MyPrint account. This is held on your Queen Mary ID/Library card, and works in the same way as Transport for London's Oyster card

Your MyPrint account can be topped up online using the MyPrint portal

Once credit has been added to your account, you simply need to touch your ID card to the reader on the front of the copier. Your balance will be displayed on the screen. If you don't have enough credit in the account to make a copy a message will tell you to credit the account. The balance is displayed at the bottom left of the copier screen at all times and decreases as each copy is made.

For more information about prices please visit the ITS printing page.

Photocopying for visitors

Photocopying cards for visitors are available from our E-Shop. After purchase please collect the card from the Welcome Desk.  


If there is a problem with the photocopiers (paper jam, no paper etc) please report it to the Welcome Desk.

Terms and conditions apply to all online transactions made to Library Services, Queen Mary University of London.

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