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Library Services

Lost or damaged books

Library users are responsible for all items issued to their library account. 

 Please contact us as soon as possible if: 

 You cannot find an item you have borrowed from the Library 

  • You have returned an item but it still appears on your library account 
  • You have an item on loan which you believe you have never borrowed 
  • An item you borrowed has been damaged while on loan to you 

 We will investigate the matter, and if the item borrowed is confirmed lost or damaged beyond repair, you will be charged with the actual cost of replacing the item, up to a maximum of £50.  

 Book replacement payments are made via the e-shop. 

Please note the book replacement charge is not refundable if the lost item is later found. 

 Invoiced items will block your account from further borrowing and renewals so please ensure any invoice is promptly paid 

 If you have any query regarding lost book charges, please email 


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