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Vacation Admission Procedure for Visitors

During Summer and Christmas undergraduate student vacations restrictions are relaxed for certain categories of visitors. The following categories of visitors are admitted at any time during these vacations, without the need to apply in writing:

  • University of London undergraduates and taught postgraduates
  • Undergraduates and taught postgraduates from other UK Universities and Colleges
  • Former Queen Mary students, even if not Queen Mary alumni members
  • University of London external degree programme students
  • Visiting PhD students from outside the UK

You will need to visit the Library during Library Staffed Hours (available on the Opening Hours webpage). On your first visit, you must show some suitable form of identification to a member of staff at the reception desk / welcome desk. On production of the ID you will be issued with a day ticket. Acceptable forms of identification on a first visit include other University/College ID cards, bank cards, travel cards (with photos), passports, National Insurance cards and driving licenses. First-time visitors will also be asked to fill out a visitor's Library registration form. Any visitor who arrives without a suitable form of ID will not be allowed access to the Library.

Providing the application for a card has been approved, on your second visit you will need to collect your Queen Mary Library access card from the Library reception desk / welcome desk. In order to obtain the card, second time visitors must bring two forms of ID, one of which must be a form of photo ID, and one of which must be an official document or letter with the name and address given on the registration form completed on the 1st visit. You will also need to provide a passport-size photograph. Acceptable forms of photo ID include other University/College ID cards, travelcards, passports, UK driving licenses. Acceptable forms of official ID with addresses include recent utility bills, bank statements and official correspondence from Universities/Colleges. Any second time visitor who arrives without suitable ID will not be allowed access to the Library.

Any visitor who loses their long-term QM Library visitor card will be charged £15 for a replacement card.

Access to the Library will only be until the end of the vacation in question.

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