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Learning Agreement

Basic principles for our One-to-One Tutorial and Drop-in services

To allow all students to make the most of our one-to-one support, all students who use the service must read and agree to the following.

I agree...

  •  To send in any work that I would like to focus on, along with any essay titles or departmental instructions, the day before my tutorial.
  • That, prior to my appointment, I will reread my work in order to determine a particular question or concern to take up during the session.

I also agree...

  •  That if I need to rearrange or cancel, I will do so at least one full working day before my appointment using the 'Manage booking' link in the confirmation email.
  • That if I do not give due notice before cancelling, I shall only be able to book another tutorial by email at the discretion of Academic Skills.
  • That I will only book one tutorial at a time. (Any subsequent tutorial appointments are automatically cancelled.)

I understand that...

  •  The tutorials are not a proofreading or copyediting service. My tutor will not read through my paper line by line and fix grammatical errors.
  • My tutor is there to help me learn how to improve my own work, not to improve it for me.
  • A few minutes at the end of the appointment time are reserved for feedback and consolidation.
  • My tutorial is limited to the time slot I have booked, even if I arrive/answer late.
  • If I arrive/answer more than 15 minutes late, my appointment may be cancelled and I shall have to book another.


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