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One-to-one guidance from an Academic Skills tutor without the need to book

Join the Drop-in

Attend our weekly Drop-in. Thursdays 2-4pm on Gather.

Attend on Gather

What is a Drop-in?

Drop-ins are one-to-one consultations with an Academic Skills tutor; like a tutorial except you don't have to book in advance. Because they're shorter (limited to 20 minutes), they're best suited to aspects of academic skills that you have specific questions about.

These could include:

  • referencing
  • interpreting feedback
  • planning an essay or report
  • time management
  • exam and revision skills

Drop-ins on Gather

A screenshot of the online Drop-in platform, Gather

As of January 2021, our Drop-ins are hosted on Gather — a video calling platform set in a 2-D virtual space.

How to join the Drop-in

It takes place on Thursdays 2-4pm during term time.

When you join the Drop-in, you'll first be asked to enter a name for your avatar. Then, when you arrive in the waiting area, please add your details to the sign-in sheet. Like an in-person Drop-in, students are seen in the order that they arrive.

While you're waiting, feel free to have a look around the space. There are academic skills guides and activities to explore.

When the tutor is ready to see you, they will send you a message and invite you to come to the Drop-in Room. Once you're in the Drop-in Room, you'll be able to interact with the tutor using audio/video. To ensure that consultations are conducted in privacy, anyone waiting outside the room will be unable to see or hear your meeting. So please only enter the Drop-in Room when you're called.

Join the Drop-in on Gather

If you have any questions about the Drop-in service, please get in contact.


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