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Masters Dissertations

Writing a Masters dissertation is a big project. We have a number of resources to help you tackle your research, reading and writing. 

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Our workshop programme has now finished for summer 2022. Please check back on this page for future workshop availability

In the meantime, you can still access support with writing your dissertation.

You can book a one-to-one tutorial with an Academic Skills Adviser to discuss your dissertation. For more information, see our One-to-one tutorials page

You can also access support with academic writing, including dissertations, from Smarthinking Online Tutoring which is available to all QMUL students. 

In addition, there are a number of self-access Skills Guides available below to help you across the different stages of your dissertation.

"I have received my dissertation feedback recently. This was the best score that I received throughout the study period! Thank you again! I could not have achieved it without your help"

Skills guides

We have a number of guides to help you through the dissertation process.

Being Critical

What does it mean to "be critical"? How can you be more critical in your reading and writing?

Being Critical [PPT 2,182KB]


How do you avoid highlighting everything that you read? How can you make your notes more selective and useful for revision and coursework?

Note-making [PPT 1,106KB]

Time Management

What are the best ways of managing your time at university? How should you balance the various tasks you have to do?

Time Management [PPT 5,613KB]

Referencing and Paraphrasing

Why do we reference? How do you know how to format your references properly? What are the best ways to integrate sources into your writing?

Referencing and Paraphrasing [PPT 5,545KB]

Literature Reviews

What is a literature review? How should you find and manage literature? How should you critically evaluate it?

Literature Reviews [PPT 3,661KB]

Critical Writing

How should you be critical in your writing? What are some good rhetorical strategies for being critical? How can you put these into practice in your own writing?

Critical Writing [DOC 1,141KB]


How to Read an Academic Paper

A recording of a workshop delivered to the Barts Academic Research Society, in which we cover the typical structure of an academic paper and the "three pass" method of reading.


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