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Welcome to the Psychology subject guide. This guide is designed for students and researchers to find, and access, the best resources available through the library to support research in your discipline. Click on the links below to find out more.



Databases are excellent sources of good quality information. Find databases relevant to your subject here.

Useful Websites

A range of high-quality useful websites for Psychology are available on the web.

Open Science Resources

Open Science is a movement within Academia and beyond, which is trying to democratise publically funded science and make it available to the people who has funded it. These principles have applications in all aspects of the production of new scientific knowledge. Read more about it in our Open Science resources guide  and find many useful links. 

Guide to Grey Literature

Find out how grey literature can help you in your research. Grey literature is information published outside the traditional commercial publishers, and includes theses, reports, self-archived material and much more. Access our Guide to grey literature to find an extended section in how to access non-UK theses, amongst many other useful tips and links.

Apps/Bookmarklets/Browser Extensions

A range of apps and browser extensions to help to discover, access and manage information sources.

Other Libraries

In addition to the Queen Mary Library collections, you may be able to access other libraries to find further resources relevant to your subject.

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