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Engineering reports show the progress and results of a research or development investigation. Reports draw conclusions and make recommendations that are submitted to the person or body for whom the investigation was carried out. Each report has a number which identifies both the report and the issuing organisation.

Reports are produced by companies, research organisations, government departments and agencies, consultants, and academic institutions.

Aerospace report literature

Report literature is particularly important to the study of aerospace engineering. Below are a few of the institutions publishing reports within the area.

  • AERADE at Cranfield University
    The Aerade service provides access to key aerospace and defence information sources created worldwide and is an excellent source for finding report literature, often in full text format.
  • Advisory Group for Applied Research and Development (AGARD)
    AGARD was NATO's research and development advisory group. The Queen Mary Mile End Library holds AGARD report literature in printed and microfiche formats.
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) meeting papers
    Use the Aerospace Research Center to find references to AIAA publications. The first pages of individual papers are often freely available. These are usually papers given at AIAA conferences. A comprehensive collection of AIAA literature is held at the British Library and at Cranfield University Library.
  • Aeronautical Research Council (ARC): Reports and Memoranda
    Certain ARC Reports & Memoranda and Current Papers are available in the electronic AERADE Reports Archive . The Queen Mary Mile End Library holds a complete printed set.
  • NACA reports full text: The UK archive of digitised NACA Reports maintained by the AERADE team AT Cranfield University.
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) reports
    Use the NASA Technical Reports Server to find information about NASA reports. Many full text NASA reports are available on the Web.
  • Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE)
    RAE reports are held by the British Library and by Cranfield University Library.
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