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Web design/development

A range of high-quality resources for Electronic Engineering and Computer Science are available on the web. For subject specific resources look at these guides:

Web design

  • Awwwards: Competition body which promotes good web design by giving out various awards.
  • CSS Winner: Awarding and showcasing the best websites and promotes innovative web designers.
  • Horizon Interactive Awards: The competition recognizes, promotes and awards the best web sites, videos, online advertising, print media and mobile applications
  • Site Inspire: Highlighting innovative and inspiring web design. Includes links to the live websites.

Free/royalty free image stock libraries

  • Image Google Search: Google allows you to search for images, and there are filters, which makes it possible to exclude images protected under various licenses.
  • Morguefile: Free images for commercial and non-commercial use.
  • Pexels: Free images for commercial and non-commercial use. No attribution is necessary.
  • Pixabay: Royalty free images, which can reused for both commercial and non-commercial projects.
  • Unsplash: Free collection of high-resolution photos, made available by the photographers.
  • VADS: The online resource for visual arts. Over 140.000 images freely available to use in learning, teaching, and research in the UK.

Web development

General web development

  • W3C: The World Wide Web Consortium works together to develop the web standards.
  • W3Schools: A free web-developing repository, covering tutorials of many coding languages, such as HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript. 
  • Webopedia: An online dictionary for people in the field of information technology in an easy jargon-free language.



  • CoffeeScript: An extensive guide to the language which is based around JavaScript.
  • Javascript: A rich resource created by the team behind Mozilla. Includes a range of tutorials and introductions.
  • Includes an extensive free tutorial.
  • JSFiddle: Testing space for Javascript snippets, which you can save or share within the site. It does also support other coding languages.


  • Laravel: Includes documentation and news about the popular PHP framework Laravel.
  • PHP: Official website for the PHP Group, and include freely available documentation. 
  • PHP Tutorial: Tutorial created for developers who has some knowledge of programming but no knowledge of PHP.


Other languages

  • Elexir: Includes guides to get started with Elexir.
  • Ruby on Rails: An open-source software, which allows you to create Ruby script for the web.
  • Hosted by OASIS, and gives access to information about the computer language XML, which is used to store and transport data.

Links to other related resources

  • JTC1/SC22/WG21: Documents the work of the international standardisation working group for the programming language C++.
  • Oracle: The official website for Oracle which now own the Java platform. The website offers news from the company and links out to all their products, with its own section for Java.
  • The Perl Programming Language: Includes a rich offering of documentation, tutorials, and connection with the Perl community.
  • Python: Diverse portal for information about the Programming Language Python. Includes forums, different source codes and other documentation.
  • Provides help and valuable information about Ruby Programming Language.
  • Ruby Programming Language: The official website for Ruby Programming Language which provides lots of good documentations, and links to many other Ruby-resources online.
  • Shell Scripting Tutorial: Tutorial which is aimed for individuals with some prior knowledge of programming and the UNIX environment.
  • Standard C++:  Official website for Standard C++ Foundationnot-for-profit organisation which promote the understanding and use of C++. Includes, amongst many any other useful resources, an extensive FAQ.
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