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A range of high-quality resources for Electronic Engineering and Computer Science are available on the web. For subject specific resources look at these guides:


  • Ericson Mar's Robotic Links: A very comprehensive list of links to a wealth of robotics information.
  • Homebrew Robotics Lectures: A robotic enthusiast group from Silicon Valley, which gathers beginners, experts and professionals. They have posted some useful videos from their meetings.
  • Inbots: European Union funded project which is aiming to promote and set up collaborations around interactive robotics.
  • Providing information about the Japanese tradition of mechanical dolls.
  • NASA – Robotics: Videos and other multimedia covering NASA's work with robotics, such as the lunar rover.
  • Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI): Searchable index of many topics, from US government; gives access to a significant number of freely available reports and presentation around robotics.
  • QUT Robot Academy: Over 200 freely available lessons about aspects of robotics.
  • Robocup: Created to encourage robotic research. Now lots of events are organised to support their mission themes.
  • Robohub: Platform which aims to connect experts within business and universities.
  • Robots - Your guide to the world of robotics: An initiative from IEEE, where they present different types of robots from various part of the world with useful information about the projects. 
  • Soft Robotics Toolkit: Resource created in a cooperation between Harvard University and Trinity College Dublin, centring around soft robotics, focusing especially on medical applications.

Projects of interest

  • Humanoid Robotics Group: Provides information about the MIT humanoid robotics projects (which possibly ended around 2003). It does include full-text papers from a number of conferences which the group attended.
  • Documents the humanoid robot iCub, created by Instituto Italiano Di Tecnologia.
  • Intelligent Robotics Lab: Robotic research group at the University of Birmingham. Contains links to the group member’s papers and information about current and past projects.
  • Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence: Interdisciplinary research centre exploring the opportunities and challenges to humanity from the development of artificial intelligence. 
  • Organic Robotics Lab: Research group at Cornell University. Contains lots of interesting information in different formats about their work and research.
  • Robonaut2: Documents the NASA created humanoid robot.





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