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Machine learning & Artificial intelligence

A range of high-quality resources for Electronic Engineering and Computer Science are available on the web. For subject specific resources look at these guides:

Machine Learning

International conference on Machine Learning (ICML): Yearly conference. An archive of many seminars and talks from previous conferences is available.

Machine Learning - IBM: Provides a great introduction to machine learning and how a company like IBM is using it.

Machine Learning - an overview: Useful definitions of machine learning from academic texts delivered Science Direct.

Python Machine Learning: Freely available tutorials about machine learning in Python.

UCI Machine Learning Repository: Makes 622 data sets available to support the research around machine learning algorithms.

 Artificial intelligence

  • Deep learning Python language library. A free course is available for beginners.
  • Google AI: Learn about Google’s own research group around artificial intelligence.
  • IBM Developer - Artificial Intelligence: IBM's work around AI, gives access to datasets, open projects, blog, podcasts and other material.
  • KDnuggets: Blog, articles and free datasets and other useful links is made available.
  • OpenAI: Business concentrating on developing AI technology, and their website gives access to the code of some of their openai projects.

Queen Mary Research groups of interest

Cognitive Science Research Group

Game AI Research Group

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