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Electronic Engineering

A range of high-quality resources for Electronic Engineering and Computer Science are available on the web. For subject specific resources look at these guides:


  • All about circuits: An online community for electric engineers. Includes open access books and other connected material which can be accessed without membership.
  • Circuit Basics: Contains tutorials "about basic circuit design, programming, the Arduino, and the Raspberry Pi".
  • Circuit Lab: Allows users to simulate circuits.
  • Upverter: A free cloud-based circuit board design tool.

Digital signal processing


Journals, blogs, vlogs and podcasts

  • EE Times: Keep yourself updated with this online magazine.
  • EEVBlog: Popular blog/vlog created by David L. Jones, an electronics design engineer, from Sydney, focusing around technology and new development with the field.
  • ETRICAL: Blog covering many aspects of electrical engineering. There are also 500+ interview questions and answers available. 
  • The Spark Gap Podcast: A popular podcast covering "the nuts and bolts of embedded electronics". 

Free courses, instruction

  • MIT Opencourseware: Many free courses for Electronic Engineering students. Their free video lecture series around circuits and electronics can be of extra interest.
  • Linkedin Learning: Offers a big range of tutorials and courses for many difference skills, also electronic engineering.

Information Portals

  • Electric engineering and technology (Electrical4u): Freely available study site, which aims to move beyond the textbooks to explain concepts within electrical engineering. Includes a set of MCQ.
  • Electrical Engineering Portal: Regularly updated website, good for recent advancements in the field. Includes technical articles, free guides, electrical software, video lectures and Excel spreadsheets for download. They also have an app available.
  • Electronics Basics: An introduction to electronics, provided by the company Rohm Electronics.
  • Electronic Engineering Stack Exchange: An electronics and electrical engineering question and answer site. You can also search by tags.
  • A digital media resource, which aims to progress the field of engineering.
  • Hyperphysics: An exploration of physics through concepts maps, which also ties in with electronic engineering.
  • Learn about Electronics: Aims to support individuals who want to learn about electronics. It has chapters in many areas, such as circuits & resistors, semiconductors, AC theory etc.
  • The Science Buddies: A useful guide which outlines the similarities and differences between Engineering Design method with scientific research method.
  • The Scots Guide to Electronics: A guide from University of St. Andrews to help in the understanding of components, circuits and the use of electronics for beginners.


  • EDN Network: Community for engineers by engineers.
  • Hackster: In this community, users share open-source project tutorials, aiding in learning to design, create and program electronics. Particularly useful for mini-projects.


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