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Computer Sciences

A range of high-quality resources for Electronic Engineering and Computer Science are available on the web. For subject specific resources look at these guides:


  • FOLDOC: Free On-line Dictionary of Computing.
  • Webopedia: An online dictionary for people in the field of information technology in an easy jargon-free language.

Big Data

  • Apache Hadoop: Open-source software which can be used to process and analyse big data.
  • Big data processing: Comprehensive overview of big data processing from Science Direct.
  • Find open data: British goverment's offering of open data which is freely available and is possible to be used in projects.

Computer architecture


Web design/development

See our useful website for web design/development.

Information portals

Professional organisations


BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE)


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