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A range of high-quality resources for Dentistry are available on the web. Start exploring them here:

Medical portals on the web are sites that attempt to gather together information in the broad field of medicine and claim to provide a one stop site.

MedLine Plus Dental Health section - up-to-date, quality healthcare information in understandable language from the US National Library of Medicine (NLM), aimed at health professionals as well as patients and their families


Biomedicine specific search engines are designed to search across a defined range of resources that will generate reliable information. See our guide to Search Engines for Medicine and Dentistry for demos on using these resources effectively.

TRIP - is very user-friendly and categorises results enabling you to immediately identify high quality clinical information.  QMUL has access to Trip Pro, which has more content and functionality than the free version. T


Clinical Summaries provide an up-to-date, accurate summary of the evidence on a topic, sometimes in as little as one sentence.

CKS - provides quick answers to real life clinical questions based on the evidence

Evidence-Based Dentistry - delivers the best available evidence on the latest developments in oral health.


Major medical organisations are also important because they can also be trusted to provide reliable information

The British Medical Association

The British Dental Association

The Cochrane Oral Health Group

The Department of Health


Barts Health

Remember, wherever you search on the internet you should always evaluate what you find. 

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