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Biological Sciences - Useful websites

A range of high-quality resources for Biological Sciences are available on the web.

Check out our useful websites pages for specific subjects:

Animals and plants






General journal directories

Online lectures

  • Coursera: Online courses some are free and some cost money (especially if you want a diploma/certificate)
  • EdX: Free online courses from the top universities in the world (for a diploma/certificate it costs money.)

Biological sciences

  • Darwin Online: Extended free full-text collection of Charles Darwin's writing and publications.
  • hhmi BioInteractive: Interactive site, rich with lots of free videos, animations and other resources covering life sciences. From Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
  • Nature - Human Genome Special Issue: This freely available issue of the journal Nature contains the report of the sequencing of the human genome.
  • Nature Preceedings: Nature Precedings connects researchers and provides a platform for sharing new and preliminary findings with colleagues on a global scale, was active between 2007-2012.
  • Online Ethics for Engineering and Science: Full-text repository which aims to help scientists, engineers and people within Academia to understand and address ethical issues within the field of Engineering and Science. Contains a range of resources, such as case studies, multimedia and assessments tools.

Professional Organisations

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