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Find it! Use it! Reference it!

Find it! Use it! Reference it!

Follow this link to access our QMplus module.

Access Find it! Use it! Reference it!

At university you will be expected to find and use high quality information sources to build and apply your knowledge of a subject. Doing this effectively includes searching specialist databases and library search tools, evaluating your sources, and referencing to acknowledge the sources you use. Our e-learning module Find it! Use it! Reference it! is a great way to develop your information literacy skills!

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Developing high-quality research skills will help maximise your chances of achieving good grades while you are studying at Queen Mary, but it is important to realise that these are life-long skills which will be of great value throughout your entire career. Spend time understanding and acquiring these skills now and it will pay off in the short and long term.

After completing this module you will have a good understanding of:

  • why, when looking for information for your studies, it is a mistake to rely solely on Google and Wikipedia
  • where you can go online to find reliable information
  • some methods you can use to evaluate the information you find, and an understanding and increased awareness of the issues surrounding plagiarism
  • some of the main referencing styles used in academic writing
  • how you can use freely available software to efficiently manage your library of references and help you to prepare a perfect bibliography

It includes helpful glossaries, and many interactive learning activities.

Self-enrol for the module for a fuller experience and to receive your certificate. 

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