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Shut Up and Write!

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A student writing notes into an exercise book
A student writing notes into an exercise book

Since June, the Library Academic Services team have been conducting "Shut Up and Write!" weekly remote dissertation workshops for PGT students. In many ways, the PGT dissertation is a rite of passage through which PGTs stretch their cognitive, emotional and organisational capabilities to the limit. That is why we have taken a holistic approach to academic skills development and covered a spectrum of topics from motivation to synthesis.  

We have called the workshops "Shut Up and Write!” because they include a mini-writing retreat in which, after an interactive presentation, students write for 45 minutes in silence and then submit their work to a virtual bulletin board for peer and tutor feedback. To date we have had 200+ students from 12 Queen Mary Schools and institutes, with students participating from as far afield as China and Guyana - one benefit of the emergency shift to remote study!

We have been impressed by the diversity, salience and critical perspective of the research projects undertaken by Queen Mary students, which include: US Middle-East policy, regulation of mining in Africa, facial palsy treatment, skin substitutes for burn wounds, image classification and cybercrime. Queen Mary Library is privileged to be facilitating research with such global reach and relevance. The workshop programme continues until the end of August – more details can be found here

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