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What can I do to prepare?

Feeling excited to get started with your university studies? Or maybe you’re looking for ways to get back into the studying mindset after a break?  

In this section, we’ll explore different ways that you can build your motivation before you enrol on your course. We will also help you to build your information literacy skills, the skills needed to be able to find and use information effectively.

First, hear from some current Queen Mary students about they prepared for university study. Then, check out the two interactive courses below for more information on how you can be prepared too.  

What can I do to prepare?

Learn about what you can do to get ready to start your university journey  

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Start Building Your Information Literacy

Learn how to build essential skills in finding and using information effectively

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I felt overwhelmed at first. I had never been to East London before and I found it difficult being surrounded by academics and so many new people. What helped was listening to the advice of older students, becoming an ambassador and hearing how being nervous is normal.
— Oliwia Kwiatkowska - 1st year Geography student
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