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What can I do now to improve my maths and statistics skills?

At university, it is not just a mathematics degree that involves learning maths.

Many programmes at university require at least some amount of maths, statistics, or numeracy skills. You may expect that, besides a mathematics degree, this is only true in the so called ‘hard sciences’ like physics, however, such skills are also required in many other subjects. paper and coloured markers

Learn more about who needs to learn Maths and Statistics and get some helpful tips on how you can study these subjects more effectively.

Maths and Statistics

Tips on how to improve your maths and statistics skills at university

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What resources are available to help me revise?

If you feel you would like to brush up on areas of mathematics or statistics, there are many great resources online that you can use. Here we’ve gathered together just a few you can check out now.

Mathtutor is a small collection of self-study worksheets, covering some of the core topics covered at A level. 

You don’t need to look over everything, but if you’d like to review certain core maths topics in preparation for your studies hopefully you can find useful materials here. 


HELM stands for 'Helping Engineers Learn Mathematics' and is a much larger collection of self-study worksheets, divided into different chapters based on topic, covering a wide variety of topics from school level up to advanced degree level.   

We don’t recommend you extensively study this resource right now, as it covers many different topics, but if you’re looking to revise a topic not covered in Mathtutor you might find it here.

If you’re just hoping to do some general revision we recommend you stick to Chapter 1: Basic Algebra. 


HELM is also great for statistics resources. If you’d like to go over some of the basics of statistics, you should start with Chapter 36: Descriptive Statistics. 


Khan Academy is free website hosting hundreds of video lessons in many areas of maths. 

This site hosts video resources, rather than worksheets, which may be more suitable for students who prefer to learn this way.

Lots of subjects are covered, not just maths and statistics, but you might wish to focus on the more basic topics in the maths section, such as Arithmetic, Basic geometry and measure, and Pre-algebra. 


If you’d prefer to watch video tutorials you could check out the section ‘High school statistics’, which covers the basics of statistics and study design without going into any advanced topics. 

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