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Library Services


THE UNIVERSITY means Queen Mary University of London.

LIBRARY SERVICES means the premises, collections, resources and services under the direct management of the Library Services department of Queen Mary University of London. Currently these include: Mile End Library, Whitechapel Library, West Smithfield Library, Canalside, The Hive and Graduate Centre Floor 7; the physical book, journal, multimedia and archive collections managed by the Library Services Department; the online resources made accessible remotely through subscriptions and purchases managed by the Library Services Department; and the advisory and educational services provided by Library Services staff as described on the Library Services website at

THE LIBRARIAN means the University Librarian or any member of the Library staff acting on the University Librarian's behalf.

LIBRARY STAFF means any person employed by the University to carry out duties relating to Library Services. For the purposes of these regulations, this includes staff from Campus Security Services and Contract Security Services.

SERVICE USER means any person making use of Library Services premises, collections, resources or services.

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