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Library Services

5. Penalties for infringement

5.1.  Any service user in breach of any Library Regulation, including the late or non-return of any loaned items (including interlibrary loans), may be required to pay a fine or compensation, may be suspended from all or partial use of Library Services premises, collections, resources and services either immediately or from an effective date for a stated period.

5.2 Any service user who has been suspended has the right to contest the decision by making a complaint to the Librarian. Students should refer to Stage 1 of the University’s Student Complaints policy which is available at If the service user is a student and is still dissatisfied, they may make a complaint against the decision at institutional level, in accordance with stage 2 of the Student Complaints policy. Other procedures will be adopted for service users who are not students.

5.3. Records may be kept of service users in breach of Library Regulations. Serious or persistent breach of any Library Regulation by a student may lead to action under the Code of Student Discipline. Please see the Policy Zone webpage for further details:

5.4. Failure to pay fines, to return items or to pay full compensation is treated as a debt to the University and may lead to University disciplinary procedures and sanctions.

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