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Library Services

4. Conduct

4.1. All service users and staff have the right to carry out their work and study in Library Services premises without intimidation or aggression from others. This includes verbal abuse, racial harassment, sexual harassment, violence and intimidating behaviour. Any such incident will be dealt with under the University's Disciplinary Procedures. 

4.2. The Library is to be used for the purpose of academic study and research and for the consultation of its collections and associated materials. Any other use must have the explicit permission of the Librarian. At their discretion, Library staff may ask service users to move to another location if they are considered to be using the Library or IT facilities for social or recreational purposes.

4.3. Computing equipment in the Library must not be used for the creation, display, importation, circulation or storage of offensive material. It is the responsibility of members of the University to familiarise themselves with the relevant legislation and conditions which apply. Please see the Policy Zone webpage for further details:

4.4. Service users must comply with the current UK and EU legislation on copyright, data protection and computer misuse. Users of photocopying and printing services must read and comply with the notices concerning extents of copying allowable under the Higher Education Licence provided by the Copyright Licencing Agency (CLA). 

4.3. To provide a safe, secure and healthy environment which is conducive to study and research, service users:

4.3.1. Must respect the right of other service users and staff to work and study in an environment of dignity and respect. 

4.3.2. Must not engage in conduct which is disturbing to others: silence must be observed in designated silent zones, noise must be kept to a minimum elsewhere, and mobile phones must be switched to silent mode at all times.

4.3.3. Must not reserve places at reading tables or computers: Library staff are empowered to clear all library materials and personal property from unoccupied reading places without notice. Computers that have been left or locked for longer than 30 minutes may be assigned to another user at the discretion of Library staff.

4.3.4. Must keep valuable belongings, including laptop computers, with them at all times.

4.3.5. Must not consume alcohol on Library Services premises.

4.3.6 Must not smoke (including e-cigarettes) on Library Services premises or outside doorways into Library Services premises.

4.3.7. Must not bring hot or strong smelling food into Library Services premises.

4.3.8. Must ensure that cold and hot drinks brought into Library Services premises are self-contained or have lids in order to avoid spillage.

4.3.9. Must dispose of any rubbish in the bins provided.

4.3.10. Must not bring animals, except for service animals, into Library Services premises.

4.3.11. Must not sleep in, or bring bedding into, Library Services premises.

4.3.12. Must not display or distribute notices except with the permission of the Librarian.

4.3.13. Must not offer anything for sale within Library Services premises.

4.3.14. Must vacate Library premises at closing time and at other times when requested to do so by Library staff.

4.3.15. Must ensure, before reaching the point of exit, that all Library Services property in their possession has been duly authorised for removal from the premises.

4.3.16. Must familiarise themselves with the location of emergency exits and leave Library Services premises promptly by the nearest exit in the event of a fire drill or emergency.

4.3.17. Must not misuse, steal or damage Library Services materials, property, equipment or premises in any way.

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