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Library Services

3. Borrowing

3.1. The borrowing rules and procedures, loan entitlements, loan periods and fines applicable to the various categories of service users and materials are detailed on the Library Services website at

3.2. The Librarian may lend, refuse to lend, or restrict the circulation of any item, or recall any item from loan at any time.

3.3. Service users may only borrow books when registered to do so and when able to comply with the regulations about returning books.

3.4. Items loaned to a service user are for the personal use of that user and remain the responsibility of the user until they are returned and the loans cancelled. Responsibility cannot be transferred to another user.

3.5. All items on loan must be returned by their due date and time. It is the sole responsibility of the service user to ensure that they are aware of the due date and time.

3.6. All items on loan must be returned on expiry of membership. University staff and student membership expires when employment or registered attendance at the University ceases.

3.7. A loan may be renewed on or before the due date of the item unless a reservation or recall applies. Items must be renewed by the service user to whom they were issued.

3.8. Service users for whom items are obtained through the Interlibrary Loans service must abide by any conditions imposed on the use of these items.

3.9. Service users failing to observe the Regulations on Borrowing may be subject to fines and to suspension from further borrowing until all loans have been cleared and any fines or compensation paid.

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